Creditor Services

What are Creditor Services?

Quite often businesses will be placed in a vulnerable position when a client begins to experience financial difficulty. This often leaves them significantly exposed with concerns raised around the process and appointments. We are delighted to support creditors across the different industry sectors. This will not cost you anything other than you agreeing for us to act on your behalf.

What is the difference between Secured and Unsecured Creditors?

An “unsecured creditor” is a creditor who has no security protecting the outstanding amount.

A “secured creditor” retains a charge over asset if defaulted.

Why ask Lucas Ross to act in this way and why would we like you to support matters:

Lucas Ross will investigate the affairs of a company beyond the minimum every liquidator is obliged to do.

We specialise in fraud investigation and we are part of the R3 fraud group.

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We have specialist financial investigators who would welcome the opportunity of fulfilling any objectives you wish in relation to the above and investigate any suspicious events that are brought to our attention or we uncover.  For example, it has been suggested funds have been diverted to other projects, a situation we find is not that uncommon and it is imperative to recover. 

We would do this work for no direct charge to you or the other creditors.  All we require is a letter of authority to complete the paperwork on your behalf to ensure it is completed accurately and appropriately to make it valid and binding, which saves you time in carrying out actions in an area you may be unfamiliar with.

Ultimately, as we do for other large organisations, we want to build a long-term relationship with companies who are creditors of various insolvency events, achieve returns or at least answers, not simply give up when the money runs out.  We hope to raise the profile of this profession in doing so given it is one with mixed views.

Whether creditors receive any payments for debts outstanding, however, depends upon the amount realised within the Administration. Therefore, when paying out funds to creditors, an order of preference exists. Unsecured creditors rank last behind preferential creditors (e.g., employees) and those who hold the security. Therefore, once appointed, the administrator sends their proposals to creditors within eight weeks of appointment. The report will contain information about the prospects of payment to creditors. Unsecured creditors will often not receive funds in full for outstanding balances to them from the Company.

Case Study

In one case we have on at present is going to secure an 80% return to £5.5m of creditors from a standing start of 0% available