HMRC Arrears

If your company is experiencing a cash flow emergency, payments to HMRC can often be one of the things that get ignored. However HMRC is not like any other creditors. HMRC will seize and liquidate your assets to satisfy the debt and you could also face personal liability for your company’s unpaid taxes.

Lucas Ross are a very specialised business who are experts in helping Limited Companies that have issues with HMRC Arrears, whether it is VAT, PAYE, Corporation Tax or CIS payments.

We also have specialist advisors who can support other issues with HMRC such as investigations, field force visits, security notice requests or threat of winding up.

Our range of services often addresses frequent enquiries from worried business owners and directors who:

Will you struggle to make VAT, PAYE, Corporation Tax or CIS payments?
Are struggling to maintain payments in an existing Time To Pay Arrangement with HMRC
Have received a visit from HMRC field force who threaten to seize assets under the Taking Control of Goods process?
Are involved in a HMRC investigation or inspection?
Have received a warning of winding up or been served with a winding up petition?
Have you received an Accelerated Payment Notice (APN) from HMRC
Have you been contacted by HMRC regarding a COP 9 (or Code of Practice 9) process?

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HMRC Arrears? We Can Help

Dealing with HMRC can often be daunting and very time consuming if you are not familiar with their different departments, processes and powers. We know intimately how HMRC operate, what their processes are and what they can and cannot do. Our team of advisers are among the most experienced you’ll find.

If you find yourself with HMRC Arrears, contact Lucas Ross immediately. We’ve helped companies just like yours and will assess your situation quickly and accurately to devise workable agreements with HMRC without having a noticeable effect on company cash flow.